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Michael Wolsten Consulting is for High-Performing Leaders and Business owners who are committed to winning the war for talent.

I help empower heart driven leaders to maximize their culture, so they can keep their very best people and powerfully attract incredible new Rockstars to their organization.

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Here's What Leaders Are Saying About Michael's Inspired Leadership

Nels Jensen

I have loved Michael since the first time we talked. There is a genuine spirit that borders magic emanating from him. He is that person who lights up any room he walks into. Even so, I had high hopes that upon attending his training, I wouldn't be disappointed.
Founder of Inland Northwest Heart of Business

Doug Nielsen

Life lessons that took me years to acquire are encompassed within Michael's guide to finding purpose and meaning in life and in work.
Best Selling Author and Speaker

Jim Miller

Always inspiring listening to Michael Wolsten talking about Leadership, personal branding, and company culture. The key take-away was "the quality of your relationships depends on the quality of the questions you ask."
Director of Business Operations

Kibbee Walton

What a wonderful mid-week inspiration with Michael Wolsten. Thank you for encouraging the Rotary Club of Post Falls at our noon meeting.
Post Falls Rotary Club

Darin H.

Consistent and focused one on one coaching with my team was something I struggled with before working with Michael. In working with Michael I have been able to make this both more consistent and also more effective. I am able to coach to specific objectives with each team member while allowing them to lead these coaching sessions. Their ownership of this coaching enables and empowers them to drive their own success and development.

Melissa W.

Working with Michael Wolsten Consulting has been a welcomed breath of fresh air. Micheal's approach focuses on internal recognition, a humanistic attitude, and seeing your team as individuals.

He supportively walks you thru the process of identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, along with ways to grow each of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed Michael's perspective of seeing and treating your team as individuals, identifying their needs and unique forms of communicating.

Shawn M.

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for roughly 5 years. This relationship is the reason I changed my entire approach to management. I first began in leadership with a heavy focus on numbers and growth. It wasn’t until I began mentorship by Michael that I discovered a better way. He helped me build better relationships with my employees which empowered me to lead with my heart. Not only did I find lasting purpose but I helped my employees find their own unique value and ownership...

Jack R.

Michael has a good grasp for the needs of employees and the responsibility managers have to Inspire, Train and Transition them to their fullest potential.

You Can't Afford To Lose Your Best and Expect to Win.

The war for talent is fierce. It will only increase in the years to come. People are quitting and you can't replace them quick enough.

You need a culture and strategy that helps destroy burnout and allows you to keep and attract your most valuable asset, your top performers.  

Michael's top-down approach does just that:

He digs deep into why your teams are burnt out by asking the questions others won't.

Then he co-creates a specific plan with your Leaders to empower them to keep your best and impact your team to drive your business forward.

Join Michael Wolsten. — His principles have been put to the test at two of the nation's leading companies (Starbucks and Idaho Central Credit Union) over the last 17 years to achieve world-class sales, service, and retention, by fostering workplace cultures that drive results.

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Coaching High Performing Leaders One on One

Michael works One on One with Leaders to help you not only live out your purpose but also crush your goals. His intensive coaching helps you live from a place of abundance. 

His clients have seen massive growth in their health, work, finances, and relationships so far! He takes high performers and helps them reach their next level without the burnout that can plague so many.

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Speaking to Your People to Help Inspire the Fire

His best-selling book (Work + Love) and leadership have inspired teams and audiences across the Pacific Northwest.

Michael puts his heart into every engagement. Attendees leave feeling empowered to live out their purpose and have their fire ignited for the journey ahead.

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The 7 Inspired Leadership Principles:

Living In Reality- How to make your ACTIONS align with what you say you believe.

Who You Really Are- It's not the answer you think.

How To Serve Others- Serving (with healthy boundaries) first allows you to achieve sustainable results.

Connect At The Heart Level- Empower others through Relational Leadership (with one powerful question)

Cast The Vision- Don't be Informational, be Inspirational and co-create together.

Invest In Growth- How to help your team be the Hero and achieve 3x the growth.

What Is Your Legacy? How you can help maximize your success through others and start a movement!

I Help Executives and Business Owners Reduce Turnover by 50% and Increase Bottom Line Profits by at Least 6 Figures (Guaranteed)

Even if you don’t feel like you have space in your calendar or the energy to take on one more thing while realizing that your team is more capable and more powerful than you think, and without taking a 2-year certification course to see real transformation happen.

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